2KR Systems SnowSentry monitors rooftop snow

BARRINGTON, N.H. – A Barrington company, 2KR Systems, has designed a new device, the SnowSentry, that could warn building owners and municipalities when heavy snow is making a roof unstable.
The design and manufacturing company has adapted an environmental sensor and monitoring system to create the SnowSentry.
The sensor was adapted with the help of UNH Manchester faculty and students to allow building managers and public works departments a way to monitor the roofs of large buildings when snow becomes dangerously heavy.
The first client for the company’s monitoring system was New York City, which depends on snow melt from the Catskill Mountains for its water supply. A network of the original devices measured the snow pack’s water content, so researchers could monitor snow melt and potential spring runoff flooding.
The SnowSentry, now modified for rooftops, measures the snow’ water content and alerts managers when the weight of the snowpack has become dangerous.

2KR Systems, which designs and assembles electromechanical commercial products, received a New Hampshire Innovation Research Center grant to help fund the project. Additional funding was provided by NH EPSCoR, a state program supported by the National Science Foundation.

Source: New Hampshire Business Review

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