FairPoint Communications trades Landlines for Storage Space

MANCHESTER, N.H. – It’s out with the old and in with the new at FairPoint Communications, a residential telecommunications company offering home energy services including television and the nearly extinct landline.

Yet instead of merely settling for declining revenue caused by decreasing landline purchases, administrators at FairPoint Communications demonstrated recently a way for them to hire new employees, bring in new customers and in turn create new income for the company.

FairPoint Communications opened a new data center where businesses of every variety can store their backed up computer hardware and software information should the material get destroyed or lost at their businesses headquarters.

According to an article published in the New Hampshire Union Leader, FairPoint Communications is in essance trading their fading landline services for a growing base of customers who wish to insure their electronically stored data.

FairPoint Communications tested the trade out a year ago when the company opened a similar data center in Laconia. That data center is nearly fully booked according to the article.

FairPoint Communications hopes to attract companies around the nation looking for a safe place to secure their valued data or the data of their customers.

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader

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