Rotobec’s expansion creating jobs in Littleton

LITTLETON, N.H. — Mike Currier knew what it was like to be out of work.

The Littleton resident had worked for years at the Wausau Paper mill before the plant shut down. Now, as operations manager for a heavy equipment distributor in Littleton, Mike saw an opportunity to become a job creator.

When upper management of Rotobec was looking for a facility to assemble a new line of heavy-duty grappling claws, Mike argued that could do it in New Hampshire. He envisioned adding an assembly line to their 10,000-square-foot warehouse.

“I knew we could find the people in Littleton to run the equipment,” Currier said. “I knew we could do it if we just had the chance.”

Management agreed to take that chance on New Hampshire. But in order to add the high-end machining equipment needed to fabricate the parts, the company was going to need some financial assistance.

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Photo courtesy of Rotobec

Source: New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority

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